The Alumni Association is a group of dedicated individuals who support the goals and mission of the college and serve as the voice of our alumni in the strategic planning process. Every Elms College alumnus is eligible to participate in the association’s events and continue playing an important role in the future of the college.

Executive Officers

  • Theresa Stec ’78, President
  • Katie Roberts ’12, Secretary
  • Yahaira Antonmarchi ’14, Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Jean Brigham ’69
  • Diane Brunelle ’84
  • Janyce Carroll ’12
  • Shelly Dansereau ’18
  • Aida Gaouette ’19
  • Linda Kaczmarczyk ’71
  • Lynn Korza ’88
  • Geraldine Morgan ’72
  • Jenn Putnam ’93
  • Mia Robert ’18
  • Eloisa Rodriguez ’10
  • Ashley Tucker ’11

Ex-Officio Members

  • Harry E. Dumay, Ph.D., MBA, President of Elms College
  • Sr. Mary Petisce ’70, SSJ representative
  • Sr. Eileen Murphy ’69, SSJ representative
  • Caroline Murray, faculty representative
  • Alexander Ciskowski ’20, student representative

What We Do

The association works closely with the college to organize traditional programs such as reunion and family weekend. Members of the Alumni Association are also in charge of running the regional chapters of the association, organizing class activities, and other social and cultural events. In short, members of the Elms College Alumni Association are the threads that keep our past graduates connected.

Join The Board

To apply to the Alumni Association board of directors, please fill out our application form.