Elms College offers day, evening, weekend, and summer classes for part-time students who are beginning or returning to their studies to meet their career goals. Our programs combine the liberal arts and sciences, professional preparation, and a core curriculum emphasizing the knowledge that educated citizens need. Part-time students may enroll in up to 11 credits each semester. Part-time (fewer than 12 credits) and full-time (12 credits or more) students can change their status at any time. Tuition information for part-time students can be found here.

Matriculated students — students enrolled in a degree program — register for courses to fulfill requirements in their selected majors. Matriculated students are assigned an academic adviser in their major, and work with the adviser to develop a program of study.

Non-matriculated students — students enrolled in a non-degree program — register for courses for personal enrichment or exploration of majors. Non-matriculated students may take any undergraduate courses, as long as they have completed the course prerequisites.