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The business office manages the college’s day to day financial operations and business transactions with other parties. Our goal is to provide excellent service and support students, faculty, and staff, as well as vendors and contractors who do business with the college.

You can contact us with any questions regarding contracts, invoices, and purchase orders, and we will do our very best to assist you.


  • Jessica Robbins, MBA

    Accounts Payable Coordinator
    | 413-265-2207
    Department(s): Business Office

  • Gary Russett, MBA

    Controller; Adjunct Faculty, MBA
    | 413-265-2356
    Department(s): Business Office, MBA Program


  • Jeannean Terlik

    Assistant Controller
    | 413-265-2404
    Department(s): Business Office

  • Suellen Thornhill

    General Accounting
    | 413-265-2209
    Department(s): Business Office

  • Deborah Trezza

    Payroll Coordinator
    | 413-265-2397
    Department(s): Business Office