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  • Blake Balathunis

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    Adjunct Faculty in Dance, Coach of the Dance Team
    Department(s): Fine and Performing Arts

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    Blake Balathunis brings over 20 years worth of dance experience to the Elms College Campus. He continuously travels throughout the country teaching master classes and conventions in various styles of dance and his a internationally rated dance adjudicator. Blake has received several certifications as well as a degree in the art of Dance Pedagogy from both Greenfield and Dean College. Blake currently directs and runs his own business & Dance Studio located in Wilbraham, MA.

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  • Arthur Moses, B.S.

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    Lecturer in Art | 413-265-2312
    Department(s): Fine and Performing Arts

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    Arthur Moses has taught at Elms College for most of the last 40 years. He is an accomplished artist who specializes in creative sculpture, historical restoration, and the design and production of foundry products. Before teaching at the Elms, he taught in secondary schools for more than 23 years. In addition to teaching and managing his own art business, he is very active in his local town government.

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