Michael Smith, Head of Reference and Learning Commons
Michael Smith, M.Ed.
Reference & Information Literacy Coordinator
Alumnae Library First Floor LIB105
smithm@elms.edu | 413-265-2297


B.A.Elms College
M.Ed.Elms College


Michael has been employed by the Alumnae Library since 1999 when he began as a work-study student in the Circulation department. He soon assumed the role of Student Supervisor, and was then awarded a new part-time position as Evening Circulation Supervisor. In 2006, Michael stepped into the vacated role of Circulation Manager.

Since 2011, Michael, as the Reference and Information Literacy Coordinator, assists the Elms community with their research needs. During his time, reference and instruction statistics have increased and the Information Literacy program, with faculty support, is now embedded in first-year courses to ensure students are equipped with fundamental research skills