Elms Prepares Students for Medical, PA Schools

Aspiring doctors, physician assistants (PAs), and scientists come to Elms from around the world. What draws them here?

For one, our program is incredibly successful in helping students matriculate to medical school and PA school (we have a 94% success rate for both). Going beyond the numbers, though, our postbaccalaureate premedical studies (PPS) and master of science in biomedical sciences (BMS) programs offer resources that students can’t find elsewhere.

“Elms understood what my goals were,” said Macklin Iliff, PPS, BMS. “I knew coming out of undergrad that I wanted to have more clinical experience, more classes, and something to boost my GPA to make me a better overall candidate for medical school.”

Photo of Macklin Iliff PPS '17 BMS '18
As a student in the biomedical sciences program, Macklin conducted research on the efficacy of probiotics. “The most significant aspect of healthcare that I enjoy is making a positive intervention that can impact someone’s life,” he said.

After initially coming to Elms for the postbaccalaureate premedical program, Macklin chose to stay on campus an extra year after Janet Williams, Ph.D., asked for his input in shaping the BMS curriculum. He surveyed different courses that first year medical school students typically complete, and suggested that the BMS program at Elms offer classes in pharmacology, endicrinology, and other advanced topics.

It was this collaborative environment that motivated Macklin to continue building his expertise while at Elms.

“Anytime I wanted to add something to my applications, Dr. Williams had a solution for me,” said Macklin, a native of Sacramento, CA. “Completing both programs gave me an advantage by showing that I can handle the basic sciences as well as advanced courses that first-year med students take. Schools know I can handle the curriculum.”

Focusing on clinical knowledge and lab research paid off big for Macklin: he was accepted to Rocky Vista College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, CO, in 2019.