Elms College offers you the opportunity to travel to destinations around the globe so that you may grow as a citizen of the world and discover your place in it. Through semester abroad, faculty-led programs or exchanges with global educational partners, students can make the world their classroom.

Exchange Programs – These are semester long study abroad exchange programs that are offered to Elms College students.

Short-Term Programs – These are study abroad opportunities that are directly offered by Elms College faculty. Typically these international travel trips are under 1 month and students pay a program fee. Programs offered vary from year to year.

Study Abroad Programs Providers – These are study abroad program providers that Elms College is affiliated with and Elms students have gone on in the past.  These providers offer semester, summer, and year-long programs with or without foreign language skills.

  • Kevin Corcoran ’19, a history and secondary education double major, recently studied abroad in Carraroe, Ireland. While he was abroad he focused on speaking Gaelic and learning more about his Irish heritage.

If you have an interest in studying abroad, we encourage you to join the International Club. We also invite you to complete and submit a Study Abroad Interest Form to the Director of International Programs.

Study Abroad Interest Form