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  • Jill Bigos, M.S.

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    Lecturer in Biology and Chemistry | 413-265-3495
    Department(s): Biology, Chemistry, First Year Seminar Instructors

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    Jill Bigos received her B.A. in biology and chemistry and earned her M.S. in forensic science. Her research projects have included work on tadpole metamorphosis and histology. She currently teaches anatomy & physiology for undergraduate nursing majors as well as Forensic Science. She is also involved in various STEM outreach initiatives for local students in middle school through high school.

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  • Dr. Sudad Saman, Ph.D.

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    Assistant Professor of Biology | 413-265-2491
    Department(s): Biology

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    Dr. Sudad Saman graduated with a master’s degree in bioinformatics from New York University.  He continued his studies in a doctoral program in biomedical engineering at the University of Massachusetts with a research focus on Alzheimer’s disease, ultimately earning his Ph.D.

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  • Nina Theis, Ph.D.

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    Co-Chair of Natural Science, Mathematics and Technology, Professor of Biology | 413-265-2486

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    Dr. Theis’ research focuses on the ecology of fragrance production from flowers, and strives to understand the invisible forces that drive interactions between plants, pollinators, and herbivores.

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  • Janet Williams, Ph.D.

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    Professor of Biology | 413-265-2381
    Department(s): Biology

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    Dr. Williams has spent 10 years as a full time scientist/researcher at a biotechnology company in Massachusetts. Prior to coming to Elms College, Janet worked as a molecular biologist. Her research included cloning, sequencing, and expression of bacterial restriction-modification systems. Janet’s current research involves a metagenomic study of the equine intestinal tract. This research spans many different disciplines including molecular biology, bioinformatics, genomics, parasitology and microbiology and provides plenty of opportunities for undergraduate research.

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