Photo of Jim Albert, MBA '20, at Valley Venture Mentors

Leading Innovation in Healthcare

To lead and manage changing business models in all healthcare and related settings requires a forward looking approach. The Elms Healthcare Innovation MBA is a unique program incorporating Lean Launchpad and focused on developing the complex skill set you’ll need to seize new opportunities, create new products, practices and services in this rapidly changing environment. Let the Elms MBA be your pathway to transformative innovation leadership in the business of healthcare.

Core MBA Courses (15 credits)

BUS600 Managerial Finance and Data Analysis
BUS610 Globalization and Social Responsibility
BUS620 Leadership and Teamwork
BUS630 Current Events Impact on the Economy
BUS640 Strategic Management Practicum

Healthcare Innovation Concentration (21 credits)

Required (15 credits)
ACC602 Accounting for Managers
HIN602 Healthcare Lean Launchpad
HCL615 Business Dynamics of Healthcare
ENT615  Innovation
HCL645 Healthcare Operations Management

Electives (6 credits)
Any upper level 600 BUS, HCL, HIN, or ENT class

 The Lean Launchpad Experience

The Healthcare Innovation track dives deep into business creation and startup ventures through the hands-on, real world experience of the Lean Launchpad. The Lean Launchpad for Healthcare and Life Sciences teaches innovators, entrepreneurs, clinicians and scientists how to assess whether an idea or technology can serve as the basis for business. With a focus on the marketplace, you’ll learn to validate an idea to move into the commercial world alongside a team of fellow MBA students. Examples include:

  • Gathering data essential to customer purchases before doing the science
  • Defining clinical utility now, before spending millions of dollars
  • Identifying financing vehicles before they’re needed
  • Assessing regulatory risk before you design and build