Pre-Med Major Accepted to Summer Scholars Program

Shayla Burge ’20, a pre-medicine major from Springfield, has earned a 10-week internship that will introduce her to different aspects of the healthcare industry this summer.

Photo of Shayla Burge '20, a pre-medicine major
In addition to gaining valuable experience for her future med school applications, Shayla is looking forward to seeing different healthcare careers in action. “You learn about microbiology and genetics, but how to actually interact with a patient, or do a diagnosis—you can’t learn that from a book,” she said.

The Baystate Health Summer Scholars Program gives interns the opportunity to shadow their mentors in clinical settings, learn about medicine, public health, and population health, and gain familiarity with applied research projects.

“You apply to these programs that thousands of other people apply to, and you never expect to really get accepted,” Shayla said. “It’s nice to know that my career decision, and the sacrifices I’m making right now, are justified.”

Seeing Art in Medicine

Prior to coming to Elms, Shayla spent six years in New York working for off-Broadway productions as a musician and singer. While she still thinks of art and medicine as her twin passions, she ultimately decided that becoming an MD was her calling in life.

“You have to be creative as a doctor because you’re in high stakes situations,” said Shayla, who wants to work in emergency medicine one day. “There’s art in medicine, which makes me happy. It has multiple sides, both the ethical and medicinal.”

While embarking on the path to becoming a doctor will have its challenges, Shayla feels like Elms is the touchstone of her success.

“This school—the energy here, I can’t put it into words,” she said. “It’s so encouraging. It makes me emotional, because I know I’m going to be successful.”