Your Faculty Advisor

Every student at Elms is assigned a faculty advisor within their major or academic discipline. Your advisor plays an important role in your success, and you two should become acquainted.

Your advisor is there to help you by providing the information you will need about the Liberal Arts core classes and requirements for your major, as well as insights on registering for classes and moving through the add/drop process.

It is recommended that you meet with your advisor at least once a semester, usually before registering for classes. If you have a minor or a double major in two different academic areas, you can choose to have more than one advisor.

If you have other questions about academics or support services that your advisor cannot help you with, or if you are having difficulties in the classroom or with managing your academic workload, the assistant dean of Academic Student Success is also available to help.

Advice about changing majors
If you are thinking about changing your major, the assistant dean of Academic Student Success is there to help you. The assistant dean can meet with you to talk about the requirements for a new major, and what courses you will need to make the switch successfully.

Specialized advising for undeclared majors 
If you come to Elms and you are undecided about a major (it happens), you will be enrolled in the ASPIRE/Undeclared program. This means you will receive specialized one-on-one assistance and advice from the assistant dean of Academic Student Success about selecting a major and meeting all requirements to be able to graduate in four years.

The ASPIRE/ Undeclared program offers a one-credit course, IDS-1003, where you can explore different areas of study and careers suited to your interests and strengths. It will help you set your academic goals and lead you toward ultimately selecting your major. At Elms, 95% of undeclared students choose a major by the end of their first year.

ASPIRE/Academic Coaching Program
Some students who need additional assistance are assigned an academic coach under the ASPIRE program. The coach will help you stay organized, gain confidence, and to learn effectively while in college. Your coach will help you with developing your success plan, set goals and offer resources that will let you prosper at college. The Academic Coaching program helps more than 100 students each year. It is all built upon our belief in you and in your ability to succeed at Elms.