RA Job Description

Understanding the Position:
Resident Advisors (RAs) are campus leaders who are responsible for supporting, leading, and serving as an embodiment of what it means to be a well-rounded student at Elms College! Each year, a dynamic team of 13 students are chosen to be Resident Advisors. On each floor of all 3 of our residence halls, an RA lives and serves as a resource for our residential students.

The RA position covers room and board for a private single room for the duration of the
academic year. There is also a bi-weekly stipend that is paid throughout the duration of the
academic year.

RAs must maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and must be aware of and abide by all Elms
College policies and state regulations outlined in the Student handbook, Student Code of
Conduct, Room and Board Contract, and all other college regulations and policies.

RAs are given a set of RA keys and are granted full ID access, which is strictly used for
Residence Life operations and duties. As Elms college “staff”, RAs are expected to check their
emails regularly for important campus updates. RAs are also expected to be up to date with all group chat team communications.

Being On Duty as an Resident Advisor:
● RAs should be thorough and immediate in their communication about incidents and
students of concern.
● RAs should be active in investigating incidents in general and checking on concerning
sounds by walking over to the event/incident location.
● RAs are expected to exercise sound judgment while on-duty; therefore, drinking alcohol
or using drugs is prohibited while on duty.
● RAs should make the best decision with the information they have to keep residents and
the community safe.
● RAs are expected to confront and document all conduct violations, even if they are not
on-duty at the time of the incident.

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RA Application Process:

  1. RA Applications normally open up at the end of each Fall semester. The application consists of a variety of essay questions that evaluate the skill set of the applicant.
  2. If an applicant meets the requirements, they are then invited to participate in a group-style interview with other applicants. At this stage in the application process, Residence Life staff will evaluate the applicant’s ability to work in a team setting!
  3. Based on the application and performance during group interviews, a fixed number of applicants will be invited to complete an individual interview with a panel of Residence Life Staff.
  4. Decision letters are sent out via email in the middle of of the Spring semester.
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