Photo of Kimberly Cook '18, a graduate of the RN to BS in nursing program at the MWCC off-campus program location

Kimberly Cook '18

“Earning my nursing degree has been a longtime dream of mine. I tried another strictly online BSN program, but felt that I needed a more hands-on experience. Elms College affords me the opportunity to attend class one night a week and participate online for assignments and reflections. The program has been challenging but very rewarding and positive.”

Bachelor’s Degree Completion Programs in Psychology and RN-BSN

The Elms College bachelor’s degree completion programs offered at Mount Wachusett Community College (MWCC) in psychology and RN-BSN meet all general requirements of Elms College. You enter this program with the required associate’s degree (and at least 60 credits), satisfy Elms’ core requirements, and complete the requirements of your specific degree program.

Classes are held at the Gardner campus of MWCC and are taught by Elms faculty. When you finish the program you will be awarded an Elms College bachelor of arts degree (psychology) or bachelor of science degree (RN-BSN).

The bachelor’s degree program requires 120 credits. You can transfer in a maximum of 78 credits (90 credits for RN-BSN) from regionally accredited colleges. A minimum of 42 credits (30 credits for RN-BSN) must be earned through Elms College.

RN-BSN Curriculum and Courses

RN-BSN Course Sequence

MWCC RN-BSN Off-Campus program:

  • Thursdays from 4:30 – 9 p.m.
  • Classes held at Mount Wachusett Community College campus, Gardner
  • 7 eight-week sessions, and selected courses may be online.
  • You can transfer up to 90 credits toward your Elms RN-BSN degree.
  • Only 30 residency credits are required.
  • Includes six graduate level credits.

Contact: Thomas Engel, MSN, MBA, RN | 413-265-2458 |

Psychology Curriculum and Courses

Unlock the mysteries of the human mind with a degree in psychology. Understanding why people think and act in certain ways prepares you to work in human and social services, schools, criminal justice facilities, and more.
  • Earn your degree in 20 months
  • Classes are currently held Thursdays 4-8 p.m. on the MWCC campus
  • Classes taught be Elms faculty
  • Financial aid available
Having a degree in psychology is lucrative in a number of fields:
  • Social workers working in mental health and substance abuse centers earn a median salary of $43,250 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  • Entry level case managers can earn an average salary of $44,930 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.
  • Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists can earn a median salary of $51,410 per year, according to BLS.
By accelerating your studies over 20 months, you can save thousands of dollars while completing your degree. All you need to do is:
  • Enter the psychology program with the required associate’s degree (and at least 60 credits)
  • Satisfy the Elms College core requirements
  • Complete the requirements of the psychology program

Recommended Course Sequence

Session 1 – Fall 1
PSY325 Personality Theory
PHI248 Healthcare Ethics – Online

Session 2 – Fall 2
PSY202 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
SOC322 Social Life through Films – Online

Session 3 – Spring 1
PSY210 Research Methods (hybrid)
PSY205 Writing in Psychology (hybrid)

Session 4 – Spring 2
PSY240 Stress and Coping
SOC209 Social Deviance – Online

Session 5 – Summer 1
PSY313 Psychology of Behavioral Management
REL440 Addition and Recovery – Online

Session 6 – Summer 2
PSY307 Psychological Testing
SOC211 Child Abuse and Neglect – Online

Session 7 – Fall 1
PSY304 Forensic Psychology
PSY302 History and Systems – Online

Session 8 – Fall 2
PSY309 Social Psychology
HIS105 Early American History – Online

Session 9 – Spring 1
PSY308 Cognitive Psychology
ART215 Art History II – Online

Session 10 – Spring 2
PSY401 Psychology Seminar (Capstone)
PSY306 Educational Psychology