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The Elms College mathematics program is tailored to help you accomplish your career goals, whether in the field of mathematics or as a math teacher. Our faculty are especially qualified to teach a blend of pure and applied mathematics courses, building a solid foundation for your future. The interaction between our students, faculty from different disciplines, and math professionals gives math majors a unique perspective on their chosen field.

Actuarial Track: Actuarial is one of the fastest-growing, highest-paid careers available with a bachelor’s degree. Students who pass the P/1 and FM/2 exams can expect to enter the workforce at a starting salary of about $60,000 with opportunities for rapid advancement.

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Required Credits


Program Formats

Minimum at Elms College: 18 credits/minimum GPA: 2.0

Elms actuary program offers:

  • Courses and small class sizes that develop the necessary math background for passing the actuary exams.
  • Faculty mentors through the exam process experienced in the actuarial field.
  • One-on-one preparation in independent studies.

Nicholas Smith ’15, BA mathematics, dual major in accounting

Nick is pursuing his master’s degree in computational finance and risk management in the Class of 2017 at the University of Washington. He works as a quantitative financial risk analyst at United Bank in Connecticut.