Admission Open House

We had a wonderful day on campus Saturday as we held an admission open house and welcomed alumni back to their alma mater!

I had a great time with the Class of 1968 as they obtained their Golden Blazer scarves. Here is an excerpt of my remarks to them for the occasion:

1968 was a turbulent year in our nation’s history, and those events were reflected in the topics explored on campus by your class that year: the new morality, civil rights, and student liberties and responsibilities. With its revolutionary spirit, your cohort’s agenda for progress led student government to achieve reform, both social and academic, such as the introduction of an academic honor code.

As you set out into the world, becoming nurses, teachers, scientists, social workers, mothers, and business and community leaders, you took that spirit and fire with you. You endeavored to promote social justice. You raised families. You built bridges for those who would come after you. And it is that spirit that we celebrate here today: The term Golden Blazers was specifically chosen because it signifies a light or a fire, burning and shining brightly and fiercely to make the world a better place.

As you enter the sisterhood of the Golden Blazers, we encourage you to use that fire and spirit in continued support of your alma mater’s mission and values. Thus you can help ensure that we remain rooted in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph, providing the next generation of Elms graduates the same richness of experience that you enjoyed.

Harry E. Dumay, Ph.D., MBA
President of Elms College
Monday, October 15, 2018