IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: As of July 1, 2017, Alumnae Library will no longer support The Book Memorial Program.

As an alternative, Memorial Donors will be encouraged to contribute to an Alumnae Library Memorial Fund, which can be used to purchase materials that better support the contemporary student. Donors will still be able to commemorate their loved ones—in a series of handsome Memorial Donor Books, which will be kept in perpetuity in The College Archives.


American Academic Libraries have for some time now been transforming their spaces to better support the needs of the contemporary student. Changes in technology have created a generation of students who barely ever pick up a print book or magazine/journal, as they have been raised on electronic (e-book) technology that allows them to read any material, any time. In addition, changes in the classroom environment have affected how students learn. While we still see the sole student who wishes to study on his/her own, we now just as often see students who study in collaborative groups. Group assignments have become the new norm.

To better support these new ways of research and learning, Alumnae Library has had to transform itself through several phases of renovation. Our goal is also to become a better partner in supporting student success. To that end, we have given up space for both group study and collaborative work areas, as well as an entire floor to offices directly involved in academic student support, which has created a Student Success Center. The final result will be a library environment that emphasizes students’ needs through both individual and group learning experiences.

Given this, we have had to re-evaluate our Book Memorial Program, as it is now at odds with the need to devote less library space to print collections. Simply stated, we cannot continue to accept long-term print books into our collection and simultaneously support student success initiatives. In other words, there is only so much space left for a print collection, and we will outgrow that space quickly if we continue to add Memorial Books, which are kept as long-term materials.

Since we do want to continue to accept your support of Alumnae Library, we will be replacing the Book Memorial Program with an annual Library Memorial Fund.  Gifts to the Memorial Fund will result in handsome plates that will be placed inside of an annual Donor Recognition Book, which will be housed in The College Archives for security purposes, but made available electronically for all to see at the end of each fiscal year.  Each annual Recognition Book will be kept in Alumnae Library’s College Archives, so that a list of donations for each fiscal year will be kept in perpetuity. Each annual Recognition Book will also contain a description of, and photos of, the library material which was purchased with the donations raised that year. Materials that will better support contemporary student learning will include, but not be limited to, computer software; electronic article, audio, and image databases; e-book packages; and educational technology tools (such as smart boards and white boards).

We at the library apologize for this change in one of our long-time practices, but as the college library we must serve the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s students in their pursuit of their education.  If you have any questions regarding the new Library Memorial Fund, please contact the Director of Alumnae Library. We thank you for your understanding, and we hope that you will continue to support the library through the Library Memorial Fund.



Please accompany your Book Memorial with the appropriate Book Memorial Request form, which can be found online. The online form can be printed and filled out, or can be filled out and submitted online. If you have questions about the form, contact the Library Director.

The current Alumnae Library Book Memorial Program is designed so that patrons who wish to support our collection can help by leave a lasting memorial for a loved-one. Memorials will be honored for 15 years after they have been given to the college, at which point the library will make a determination on whether to continue retention of the memorial book, based on its appropriateness to the curriculum at that time and its physical condition.

If you are interested in donating a Memorial Book and have questions about the process, contact the library.

The Memorial Book will be purchased as soon as possible and a commemorative book plate will be placed inside the front cover. A memorial card will be sent to a person of your choice (who you MUST identify on the donation form—and include the person’s address as we do not have access to that information otherwise), and a second card will be sent to you. The Memorial Book is then placed into the Alumnae collection for at least 15 years.