The Alumnae Library encourages gifts and donations of useful library materials. Guidelines for the evaluation of gifts are the same as those for selecting purchased materials. Gifts are accepted only when they add strength to the collection and impose no significant limitations on storage or preservation. Unless they are given “on loan,” materials become the property of the library. Materials that would require a continuing obligation for collection may be rejected.

All materials will be vetted for their suitability, which will include concerns such as their age, their physical condition, and their permanent value. Materials that contain strongly-biased, distorting, or misleading statements, or extensive commercial messages may be rejected.  Consumable materials, including workbooks, laboratory manuals, and standardized tests will be carefully vetted. Incomplete runs of periodicals will not be accepted unless the acquisition would complete an existing run.

No special collections will be established except in accordance with established collection design and development policy.

If there is any question about accepting a gift, the final determination rests with the director of the library. The Alumnae Library reserves the right to refuse materials and/or dispose of any items after their acceptance if they become outdated or discredited. This will be done according to the stated Alumnae Library policy for disposition of materials.

Library personnel will not issue appraisals of gift materials for taxes or any other purpose.

Please fill out this brief Book Donation Form and attach it to the materials to be donated.