Collection development is the means by which Alumnae Library staff provide organized collections of print and non-print resources that meet–and will continue to meet–institutional requirements. Current policies were developed so that available finances can be focused on those resources that best enable the Library to support the mission of Elms College.

The purpose of these policies is to clearly state the principles and guidelines that library staff use to select and acquire library materials. The policies are meant to provide a guideline to the library liaisons who have responsibility for developing the collection, and they are meant to communicate collection policies and procedures to faculty, students, and other members of the Elms community. All members of the Elms community should feel free to contribute their ideas concerning the nature and content of the collection development policies.

These policies will do the following:

  1. They will ensure that the library develops a collection that is responsive to the curriculum, is balanced intellectually, and is responsive to the needs of the faculty, students, and staff.
  2. They will provide objective criteria for selection and development.
  3. They will provide a means of interpreting the collection to potential users.
  4. They will ensure that available finances can be focused on those resources that best enable the library to support the college mission.
  5. They will ensure that the library supports the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association and other principles and ideas of intellectual freedom.