Alumnae Library’s mission is to provide up-to-date, comprehensive research material to support the college’s mission and its academic curriculum. This is accomplished by providing an organized and readily accessible and diverse collection of print, multimedia, and electronic materials to further the education of students. Like the college, the library is a supportive, engaging, creative, flexible, and collaborative environment that helps students meet the challenges and demands of their chosen disciplines, so they may grow to become individuals who effect positive change in the community and in the world. The library’s goal is to offer services and materials for the benefit of students, faculty, administration, and staff, as well as alumni and Pioneer Valley residents.

The library will fulfill this mission in the following ways :

  • The library will employ degreed and qualified librarians who accept the challenge of also being active educators and faculty members.
  • The library will provide access to information resources and services that support and augment the classroom experience, overall academic excellence, and freedom of inquiry, especially spiritual inquiry, in keeping with the mission of a Catholic college.
  • The library will encourage and facilitate scholarship through inquiry, and will promote lifelong learning.
  • The library will offer instructional programs and services that emphasize Information Literacy.
  • The library will host, facilitate, and partner in creating distinctive programming that fosters intellectual and scholarly inquiry, the creative impulse, and cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • The library will be a flexible environment, to meet the needs of both independent learning and collaborative engagement.
  • The library will help make accessible the emerging technologies that support and enhance teaching, learning, and research or scholarship.

Updated 2013