General Library Policies


Alumnae Library strives to maintain a friendly, comfortable, and safe environment for all users. To that end, library patrons are expected to practice behavior that respects the rights of other users to study, conduct research, and carry out day-to-day work duties. Patrons are expected to adhere to broader Elms’ policies, as well as relevant state and federal laws.

Patrons engaging in disruptive behavior may prevent others from effectively using their time in Alumnae Library, and can be asked to leave the building.

Solitary studying is best done in the cubbies on the perimeter of the second and third floors. Although the library is free for use by all patrons, priority will be given to Elms College Students. Non-Elms associated patrons may use the library, except for the following areas, which may be used by students for group study on a first come, first serve basis if not previously reserved by faculty for class use:

  • The Curriculum Library
  • The Listening Room
  • The Seminar Room

Specific Policies

Alumnae Library patron behavior expectations are as follows:

Disruptive Behavior: In order to provide a safe and secure environment for all users, the library staff will take appropriate action to remedy any disruptive behavior, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Loud voices/yelling
  • Running
  • Pushing
  • Climbing
  • Improper use of the computers
  • Harassment of others, including physical or verbal abuse
  • Arguing, fighting, or other behavior that interferes with another patrons’ right to use the library
  • Smoking in the library
  • Writing on or destroying library materials
  • Using obscene, abusive, profane, or sexually demeaning language that threatens the rights of other patrons
  • Disrupting another patron through Prolonged unwanted attention
  • Bringing a non-service animal into the library

Patrons exhibiting these behaviors will be given a warning first. Based on continued disruptions and the severity of the behavior the patron may be asked to leave the library. If the behavior is severe enough The Office of Public Safety will be contacted.

Cell phone conversations are strictly prohibited in the library. All library patrons and staff are expected to, when entering the building, set cell phones and other electronic devices to silent or vibrate mode. Patrons engaging in disruptive cell phone conversations can be asked by library staff to take the call outside.

Computers are intended primarily for academic research or to work on assignments. Patrons may use the computers to check e-mail, surf the web, social network, and the like, but a patron engaged in non-assignment or non-research oriented computer use can be asked to give up a computer to a student who needs it for research or for a class assignment. Patrons are not allowed to engage in abusive or illegal activity on computers. Any improper use or treatment of computing facilities that may result in physical damage, defacement, or destruction is not allowed.  Further information on library computer use can be found in the Library Computer Policy.

Photocopiers, located on the first floor should be used with care. Patrons who are unfamiliar with photocopiers should feel free to contact a library staff member for help. Patrons are not allowed to engage in abusive or illegal activity on photocopiers. Any improper use or treatment of our photocopiers that may result in physical damage, defacement, or destruction is not allowed. Elms IDs are pre-loaded with printing money. Copies are 10 cents per page. Printing credits can be purchased at the student accounts office between 8:30-4:30 weekdays.

Public rest rooms are here for the convenience of all patrons.  They are located on the lower level, and on the second and third floors.  Patrons should strive to keep restrooms clean, in consideration of other patrons and of library staff.

Smoking is strictly prohibited, as is the use of tobacco products, in the Alumnae Library. In consideration of all patrons, the library is a smoke-free facility.

Food or beverages may be consumed in the library proper (patron areas and stacks), but patrons will be expected to clean up after themselves. The one exception is for events held in the library. No open food or drink containers can be used near the computers.