The following policies establish usage regulations, print access, and fundamental security concerns as far as computer use throughout the library’s main floor and basement floor are concerned. Policies for computers in the Center for Student Success (CSS), located on the library’s second floor, may vary. Potential users of those computers should contact CSS staff for those policies.

Each of our computer workstations is available on a first come, first served basis. The same goes for our shared screen collaborative area. Students who may require a computer when all workstations are occupied may borrow one of the laptops available for check out at the Circulation Desk. In order to borrow a laptop, students must present a valid Elms College student ID.

Public patrons not affiliated with Elms College are allowed to use any of the six (6) workstations located adjacent to the elevator. Public patrons must ask a library staff member to log them in. Public patrons are not allowed to borrow laptops.

Printing is $.10 per page. Payments are deducted from a print account that students pay as part of their fees. This deduction is done automatically by the printer. In order to release a print job they have sent to the printer, students must use a valid Elms College student ID. Public patrons do not have the ability to print. Funds may be added to an Elms College print account through the Student Accounts Office.

Students must safeguard their computer profiles by logging out of both workstations and laptops. In addition, students must not leave unattended personal items at computer workstations. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items