The following are the policies regarding the computer use throughout the library’s Learning Commons on the library’s main floor. The policies below will establish usage regulations, print access, and fundamental security concerns:

  1. Each of the eighteen (18) stations is available on a first come-first served basis. Students who may require a computer when all stations are occupied may borrow one of the sixteen (16) laptops available for check out at the Circulation Desk. In order to borrow a laptop, students must present a valid Elms College student ID.
  2. Public guests and patrons will be accommodated at any one of the six (6) stations located adjacent to the elevator. Public guests and patrons must ask either a Learning Commons Service Desk member or library staff member to log them in. Public guests and patrons are not entitled to borrow laptops if all stations are occupied and must then be referred to an area public library.
  3. Printing is $.10 per page. Payments are made at the printing station using a valid Elms College student ID. Currently, printing is only available from an Elms College network computer and only available through an Elms College profile; public guests and patrons do not have the ability to print and must be referred to an area public library. Funds may be added to an Elms College print account at Student Accounts.
  4. Students must safeguard their computer and printing profiles by logging out of either when they’ve completed their session. As well, students must not leave personal items at computer stations unattended. The library and Learning Commons are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items, or for affectations to computer or print profiles that were not logged out.