The Alumnae Library Staff are here to support all members of the campus community with their reference and research needs.  In addition to the database navigation and research assistance provided by Reference Librarians, we will also do our best to provide access to materials not held by Elms College.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy

ILL services are offered to current faculty, students, administrators, and staff who need research and academic materials not held by the Alumnae Library. Any questions regarding library holdings or ILL requests can be directed to Lily Webber via telephone at (413) 265 – 2280 or email at, or the Interlibrary Loan Department email at

All requests must be submitted electronically. Most databases have direct ILL-request access. An online form is available for those requests that do not have direct access. These forms are self-explanatory and easy to complete.

Items generally available for request include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Journal Articles
  •  Books
    • eBook content is available for ILL borrowing at the section or chapter level.
    • If access to the full and complete text of the item is desired, the request must be made for the physical item.
  • Audio/visual materials
  • Legacy media, including but not limited to: vinyl records/LPs, video cassette/VHS tapes, and microfilm and microfiche items
    • Please note that the Alumnae Library does not have devices capable of accessing content from most or all of these media, nor do the IT / Media Services departments.
    • If the request is made and the content is available for loan, the borrower is responsible for procuring / renting the necessary equipment independent of the ILL and/or Media Services Staff at Elms College, unless direct access to the requisite equipment has been confirmed and approved by IT personnel.
  • Digital copies of journal articles
  • Conference proceedings
  • Theses, dissertations, or reports

ILL Staff will make every effort to locate items free of charge through our reciprocal lending partners.

Borrowing periods for ILL items are at the sole discretion of the lending library, as are Renewals.

Notification of the receipt of requested items will be made via email (either by automated message or from to the patron’s campus email address, and the pickup location will be the Circulation Desk.

If an extension to the borrowing period for an ILL item is necessary, call (or email) Lily Webber at (413) 265 – 2280 or send an email to 3-5 days before the current Due Date.

ILL Staff will attempt to request an extension of the borrowing period for the item, or secure a replacement copy. The patron may retain the ILL item until otherwise instructed by ILL Staff

Overdue Item Fee Schedule

Physical items (such as books) requested through the ILL service will arrive with a due date. Please be mindful of this due date.

Fourteen (14) Days Past Due: $25 charge will be added to your student account and a block will be placed on your account. Once returned, the block will be removed but the non-negotiable charge will remain on your account.

Thirty (30) Days Past Due: The item is now considered LOST. Your student account will be charged to replace it. The item will not be accepted after the 30 day mark.

Lending Policy

Alumnae Library is a member of NELINET, EAST, CLGS, and MLS, and honors requests from these consortia.

All other ILL requests will be fulfilled as funding allows, and borrowing institutions may be required to pay postage fees.

If you require further assistance, contact Lily Webber or call 413-265-2280.

Mailing address for requests:

Elms College
Alumnae Library
291 Springfield Street
Chicopee, Ma 01013