Disrupt the Digital Status Quo

Major in social media at Elms College and help organizations creatively connect with consumers. As a multimedia storyteller, you will gain skills in everything from marketing strategy and behavioral analysis to graphic design and business writing.

By approaching digital communication holistically, you will develop a unique way of thinking and a signature creative style that will appeal to employers and consumers.

Create Captivating Content

When it comes to marketing and advertising, knowing your audience is the first step to making a memorable campaign. Our classes teach you how to draw on market research to craft messages that appeal to your consumers’ tastes. Once you have an understanding of social media marketing, you will practice planning, producing, and editing web-ready content for a variety of online platforms and apps.

Social media majors at Elms develop solid technical skills geared toward hands-on digital work. You will learn the basics of digital photography, video production, web design, and graphic design, having the opportunity to pursue your passion through class projects and internships.

Interdisciplinary classes help you think strategically about digital communication. With social media increasingly blending video, photos, text, and audio, it is essential to be well-versed in a wide range of technologies and business principles. By the time you graduate, you will produce a professional portfolio of work that demonstrates your versatility in promoting events, advertising products, publicizing causes, and more.

Tap into Technoculture

Social media is all about staying connected with others. Our small class sizes ensure that you have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and build a diverse portfolio of professional work.

Whether you’re interested in digital marketing, e-commerce, web development, or startup ventures, our program guides you to become an inventive problem solver capable of adapting to changing job demands.

Quick Info

  • Work with a faculty mentor to ignite your professional development
  • Apply CIT & design skills to craft a versatile portfolio to share with employers
  • Participate in summer internships to network with local companies in the Western Massachusetts business sphere
  • Take advantage of high-tech labs to refine your technical skills
  • Fuel your creativity with cutting-edge technology like Wacom Cintiq drawing tablets