Pursue a career in social media marketing, #ForReal

Business success today isn’t just about marketing great products — it’s about connecting with consumers. That means expertise in social engagement via digital platforms is becoming essential. Elms College’s unique social media major combines time-tested business principles and marketing know-how with an emphasis on creative problem solving, behavioral analysis, and solid technical skills geared toward hands-on digital work.

Students in the social media major learn to plan, produce, and edit web-ready content that effectively applies proven marketing techniques. They will be prepared to use a wide range of online and social media platforms for storytelling, journalism, customer community management, and marketing strategy.

Quick Info

  • One-on-one faculty mentoring
  • CIT & Design: hands-on, project based approach to build your portfolio
  • Summer internships with local companies
  • High-tech labs
  • Wacom Cintiq drawing tablets