Bachelor of Science in Nursing

We hear it time and again from our partners at area medical centers and healthcare agencies: Elms College nursing students are highly-sought in the professional realm.

The Elms College baccalaureate nursing curriculum integrates a strong liberal arts and sciences core  with the nursing specialization curriculum that emphasizes nationally recognized standards and competencies for nurses and health professionals.

Elms Bachelor of Science in Nursing students are educated through rigorous coursework in advanced technology classrooms and through ample clinical practice in a variety of healthcare settings to gain the knowledge and skills to successfully engage in professional nursing practice.

Elms nursing graduates become knowledgeable, innovative professional nurse leaders prepared to influence and drive healthcare change, make important contributions to patient safety and quality healthcare delivery.

Traditional pre-licensure baccalaureate program

  • GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • SAT score of 1000 ( minimum of 500 Math and 500 Reading/Writing)

The following college preparatory credentials:

  • English – 4 years
  • Mathematics – 4 years ( Algebra I, II and Geometry, Pre-Calculus/Calculus/Statisti cs) with a grade of B or higher
  • Natural Science – 4 years ( with a laboratory including Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology is also preferred ) with a grade of B or higher
  • History or Social Science – 3 years
  • Foreign Language – 2 years of the same language.


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Quick Info

  • Elms boasts award-winning BS athletes across all Division III sports
  • Clinicals begin sophomore year
  • Student-lead Undergraduate Nursing Council provides continuous feedback and student experience input
  • Specialized support and a dedicated nursing computer testing lab